April 7, 2013

7 Apr

Hello Moother,

Last night Michelle called. Justin picked up my phone and was going to joke with her, but she was crying. She broke up with Wes yesterday. 

I’m not going to lie, I was relieved. As you know, he was not my favorite. Still, I’m glad. He was not the right guy for her. I felt like my prayers were answered.

She was very upset, naturally. It broke my heart to hear her crying. I wanted to just scoop her up and protect her from any pain. 

Justin was great too. He stayed on the phone with her for almost an hour, listening and comforting her. Watching him help her was just another confirmation that he is just so wonderful. I know Michelle, too, could find someone who is good to her, the way Justin is good to me. 

Yesterday, I also was hit by a wave of sadness. When I was making dinner, I took out a sopressata that you had brought me from Montreal. As I removed the vacuum seal and started to cut it, I realized you had bought it for me and when it was finished, it would be one of the last things you got for me. 

I felt really stupid because it’s just sopressata, but it just made your death seem so much more real. 

Please visit me soon. 

Love you,



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