February 19, 2013 (2.0)

19 Feb

Hello Moother,

I said the rosary for the first time on my own in a long time. I’m doing the rosary for lent this year. My goal is to do it every other day until Easter. As I was saying it, I remembered how whenever we would go on trips to the Gardens or Miami, we would say the rosary once we got on the highway. We did it the day we found my wedding dress, the day we booked most of the vendors for the wedding, and so many other times. I used to hate it, but today as I said it, I could feel your presence, and it was comforting.

Today’s mysteries were the the sorrowful ones which seemed appropriate as that is how I feel most days. I realized as I was praying that I’d never be able to shop with you, or pray with you, or drink Nespresso with you, but I reflected as best I could on each mystery and I think it helped quiet my pain.

I’m glad you insisted on us saying the rosary, because now I feel like I can say it and call on you.

I spoke with Michelle after I wrote to you, and she made a good point. She said you’d come talk to us when you’re ready. I’ll tell you more about how I have envisioned your past week tomorrow.

Love you,



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